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At this time on Earth, with so much upheaval and fragmentation, we need many, many humans who are skilled and resourced to surf the changes we are facing while holding the ground of love for themselves and others.
This is a huge challenge, but it is also imminently possible. We have everything we need to actualise that potential within us already. We simply need to be shown how to recognise it, germinate it, develop it, and then use it well.
This learning platform and the training it provides is offered as a contribution to the personal and collective healing, integration and transformation that is needed for us to activate our true potential and forge a new way, for the wellbeing and flourishing of all of life.
I look forward to being a part of your journey.
In gratitude,

For more information about me and my training and practice background please visit the About page of my website.

"Movement is Life. Life is a process.
Improve the quality of the process, and you improve the quality of life itself."

- Moshe Feldenkrais

Movement from the Heart Online Courses

Flagship Online Training Course

The Embodiment Journey

At home in the body, at home in the world

Self-paced and supported online course

An immersive guided practice journey to deepen embodiment, develop  trust,
connect with your courage, and follow your inspiration.

Build the foundations of your embodied, empowered life

An immersive and transformative practice opportunity, The Embodiment Journey online course consists of 3 distinct segments that will take you on a gradual and developmental journey to deepening embodiment, empowerment and engagement.

Through meditation, movement, experiential anatomy, contemplative and creative enquiry, you will learn and train in key practices, skills and competencies that can lead to a life of satisfaction, joyful contribution, and genuine liberation. 

The Journey begins with Segment 1 - Laying the Ground
It continues with Segment 2 - Trusting the Heart, and concludes with Segment 3 - Uplifting the Space. 

Once each segment releases you are free to engage with it in your own time, at your own pace, for as long as you need. There is no time limit on the course.
"Extraordinarily powerful"
As a person who has “lived” in their head for so many years I already knew that getting in touch with my body was my way forward.I learned from the course that getting in touch with my body actually needed me to get in touch with the whole universe.

Chani is a wonderful teacher whose humility allows for her students to learn and grow under an umbrella of deep compassion. 
I hope that this course touches the lives of as many people as possible.
Simon, Surveyor
"A stream of gems"

I felt that The Embodiment Journey was a constant stream of gems and insights that are continually giving. The course helped equip me with skills to realign and recalibrate to better steer my life in accordance to the heart and my highest purpose, and live in truth.
Jenny, School Teacher
"A strong framework and the right skills"

I would fully recommend this course. It provides a strong framework and the right skills to enable us to begin the trust process, and to enjoy all aspects of being human, both the dark and light. It then provides a variety of resources to move through whatever issues are presenting, and then this depth of wisdom grows within and life becomes a joy to live
Joelle, Craftswoman and Bodyworker
"A beautiful journey"
This course has been a beautiful journey, with so many different ways to explore and layers to it. To feel the support over a long period, and taking the time to explore so many different things has given me a lot, and I highly recommend Chani, this course and all her other offerings.
Irene, Massage Therapist
"A spacious invitation to practice"

I loved having the course as a touchstone, like a background hum of my daily life, there as a spacious invitation to practice. A steady support. I would recommend this course in a heartbeat, Chani’s guidance is soaked in kindness, deep listening and care. It is a gift to be held in practice by such a skilled teacher
Tess, Marketing Professional

At home in the body,
At home in the world.

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