The Embodiment Journey

Uplifting the Space

Realise your capacity. Deepen in wisdom.
Respond and contribute to the world you love

"Our job is not to save the world, but to sense the world more fully,
and to keep on making it worth living in."

 - Jem Bendell

Uplifting the Space
Releasing October 6th 2023

In this segment we begin to open more fully into the space around us. We will explore the larger dimensions of “body” that go beyond our personal experience to include all of life. As our embodiment deepens and widens, we can allow the spontaneous movements of life to flow through us. 

Living from our deep aspiration, there is a sense of willingness to receive inspiration and to follow it. We know that what we contribute to the field matters, and we take responsibility for our presence. We deepen into wisdom - the capacity for more of the world to arise in us - and the compassion that naturally arises in response. 

Building on our established foundations of embodiment, we will be developing our capacities with a deepening appreciation of the subtle body, our skills of embodied listening, and our growing ability to transmute difficulty into creative possibility. 
By listening to the body on all levels, we will give space to developing our sense of purpose, our authentic voice, our unique contribution in the world. We realise our capacity to uplift the space, to enhance the collective environment, for the benefit of all. 

This segment offers a unique opportunity to explore the relationship between practice and creativity in a direct way.

All participants of this segment are eligible for individual mentorship to support the expression and flourishing of your offerings in the world. Whether these are already established or still emerging, you are given the space and support to develop your ideas and bring them into reality in a truly fulfilling way.

From October - December 2023 you are also invited to join in 3 Community Circles, to witness, support and uplift each others creative unfolding, and charge the heart of practice together. 

NB Uplifting the Space is only available once you have completed either Laying the Ground, or Trusting the Heart

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Uplifting the Space

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What's included?

This segment is available once you have completed either Laying the Ground and/or Trusting the Heart

You can start anytime and take as long as you need. There is no time limit on this course. 
This segment of
The Embodiment Journey includes : 

4 carefully curated modules

To develop and deepen your practice. Includes guided movement and meditation practices, creative and contemplative enquiries, background talks, and support resources to deepen into the themes.

Self-reflection processes

Creative prompts, reflection questions, and optional journalling practices for you to harvest valuable gems of insight from your direct experience.

Mentoring Opportunity

As you develop your unique capacities and offerings, you have the opportunity for a private mentoring session with Chani to explore your particular areas of interest, development, challenge and growth.

Personalised email support

Access to individual email support for 3 months. This is so you can ask about anything arising from your practice, troubleshoot any issues arising, and feel supported in your process.


Offerings from highly skilled and experienced Guest Presenters Brandon Schwinn and Jess Huon. 

3 Uplifting the Space Online Community Circles

Certificate of Course Completion. 

Resources for Life

All practices, resources and transcripts are downloadable and yours to keep for life.

The Embodiment Journey
Segment 3 
Uplifting the Space

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"A profound gift"

The Embodiment Journey has been the most profound gift for me.  I am beyond grateful for these teachings, guidance and support and this safe container to allow whatever needs to be revealed, to be seen.  

I feel genuinely more equipped to open to grace, to see the good and be the light than ever before. The practices, the messages, and insights have helped me feel renewed. I recommend the Embodiment Journey to everyone.

- Jenny, 2022 Course Participant

"A beautiful journey"

This course has been a beautiful journey, with so many different ways to explore and layers to it. To feel the support over a long period, and taking the time to explore so many different things has given me a lot, and I highly recommend Chani, this course and all her other offerings.

- Irene, 2022 Course Participant

"Extraordinarily powerful"

I participated in The Embodiment Journey and found it to be extraordinarily powerful. As a person who has “lived” in their head for so many years I already knew that getting in touch with my body was my way forward. I learned from the course that getting in touch with my body actually needed me to get in touch with the whole universe. Chani is a wonderful teacher whose humility allows for her students to learn and grow under an umbrella of deep compassion. I hope that this course touches the lives of as many people as possible.

- Simon, 2022 Course Participant

"A strong framework and the right skills"

I would fully recommend this course. It provides a strong framework and the right skills to enable us to begin the trust process, and to enjoy all aspects of being human, both the dark and light. It then provides a variety of resources to move through whatever issues are presenting, and then this depth of wisdom grows within and life becomes a joy to live.

- Joelle, 2022 Course Participant

Uplifting the Space Modules

Module 1 -
Coming Closer In

In this module we will spiral back to our very foundations, from a fresh perspective. Coming closer in, we can appreciate how far we've come, and acknowledge the wholesome qualities and strengths we now bring to our lives and experience. Unendingly supported by the Earth, refreshed by all our senses and open to the inspiration that flows, we relax and settle deeper into our own being and our place in this world. From here we can engage in our lives with clarity, vibrancy, and creativity.

This module includes a bonus embodiment practice and interview with Brandon Schwinn

Module 2 -
Practice and Artistry

In this module we will explore the unique and essential relationship between practice and artistry. Whether we consider ourselves "artists" or not, we can appreciate that life itself is creative, and that we have the opportunity to live our lives as an ongoing creative endeavour. It's not so much about what we produce, but the quality we bring to everything we do. From the dishes we wash, to the clothes we wear, to our intimate relationships, to our work in the world, we learn to integrate our inner and outer landscapes to bring pleasure, enjoyment, and our deepest intention to all the spaces we move in each day. 

This module includes a bonus interview with Jess Huo

Module 3 -
Embodied Listening and The Alchemy of Space

This module will take us further in our embodiment journey as we develop our skills of embodied listening and the alchemy of space. With a grounded, embodied sense of presence we can attune with depth and sensitivity to the world and people around us. As we learn to connect with the generative space within, we can access support and work constructively and effectively with situations. In a world where stress, division and fragmentation are increasing, these skills are a tremendous gift. We will bring our capacity for deep listening and healing presence into focus, and nurture the inner strength to transmute difficulties into creative possibility.

Module 4 -
Appreciate, Integrate 
and Elevate

This module is an opportunity to really look around us, to see our lives and our environment, our communities, and our societies, with eyes of appreciation, and clarity. We see that everything that arises can be fuel for our continued healing and growth as we further integrate our past challenges into present strength. We will clarify even further what we stand for, what we work for, and what we want to give our life energy to supporting. We will look at any energy leaks and lean into any areas of fear and doubt to discover the intelligence they hold.  We will strengthen our own container in practical, physical, emotional, and energetic ways as we choose to align ourselves with an indomitable force for good. 

Uplifting the Space
also includes

Individual Mentorship to explore, develop and use your unique circumstances
as a genuine offering
Uplifting the Space Community Circles to witness, support, celebrate and catalyse each other's unfolding and charge the heart of practice together

Uplifting the Space Guest Presenters

Brandon Schwinn
Meditator, Performing Artist, Craftsman
Brandon Schwinn is a dance artist and meditator living in Vancouver, Canada.  He has been practicing meditation for twenty years and finds it a fundamental tool for living a life that values compassionate action.  His main training in dance is in Contact Improvisation where he has been studying at Edam dance studio for five years intensively.  He has also completed a thorough training program in the art of clowning, which is where his interest in presence work began to take an artistic form. Brandon is a frequent visitor to New Zealand where he offers his time, skills and heart of service to the Wangapeka Retreat Centre and community.
Jess Huon
Dharma Teacher, Writer, Performing Artist
Jess Huon has been engaged in meditative and embodiment practices since the age of seventeen, and teaching for over 20 years. She trained in traditional Buddhist monastic settings, in inter-faith contexts of meditative inquiry, and also within long periods of solitary forest practice. Holding a bachelor of Creative Arts (VCA), and a post graduate degree in Therapeutic Arts practice (RMIT), Jess brings traditional teaching alive in a fresh, feminine, creative, and transformative manner. Her talks have been described as “street language for the soul", and her style is grounded in contemporary life. Jess was a much-loved guest facilitator in The Embodiment Journey in 2022.

Bonus Uplifting the Space Online Community Circles

Session 1 
Sunday October 22nd


Showing up exactly as we are
Presencing ourselves within the community
Opening to the alchemy of the shared space

Session 2
Sunday November 19th


Sharing the unfolding movement of our lives
The power of witnessing to transform
Discovering new possibilities together

Session 3
Sunday December 10th


Where to from here?
Your path is made by walking
Community as network of ongoing support
All live sessions will take place from 4:30pm - 6pm NZT / 2:30pm - 4pm AEST
This course assumes a high degree of maturity and self-responsibility. 
It offers ongoing support through the practices themselves and their background resources, personal email support and guidance on how to maintain your own practice, and the possibility for community connection and individual mentoring. However you should be prepared to resource yourself with your existing and developing support networks, including professional support if needed. Because of the self-directed online format, this course is NOT designed to be a therapeutic space, however the work by its nature is revealing and transformative and may therefore be challenging at times. These growth edges are opportunities to discover more of the fullness of our embodiment and humanity. You are invited to fold whatever is experienced into the process of discovery, and you are welcome to bring absolutely any aspect of your experience to this learning environment. 

This course is for you if ....

    • You want to learn how to tap into your body’s intelligence, and to trust and follow its guidance
    • You are looking for a sense of safety and confidence in your body
    • You want to nourish, regulate and resource your nervous system, and learn to rest deeply
    • You want practices and processes to develop your innate capacities, strengthen your intuition, and follow your inspiration
    • You have a deep love for life. You want to feel a part of the Earth's living web, and be in service to life in your unique way
    • You are looking for grounded, accessible, and genuinely liberating methods to navigate the challenges of our current world situation
    • You want to activate connection, compassion and creativity in your life
    • You have a commitment to developing your strengths and integrating your difficulties, surrendering to and learning from Life in the movement towards wholeness
    • You are ready to open to new dimensions of experience, and enter into a process of inner and outer revelation

This course is not for you if ....

  • You are looking for a quick-fix, or a one-size-fits-all solution
  • You need specialised medical or psychological support with your current situation.
    You can, however, engage in this course in conjunction with existing therapies and treatment protocols you may be engaged in. 

***If you are unsure about your suitability for this course, please get in touch to discuss your situation using the form below***

Please get in touch with any questions you have about The Embodiment Journey

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