Finding Deeper Ground

A 40 Day Online Winter Practice Gathering

Gentle, Playful, Insightful Movement

This series of awareness through movement classes incorporates the Feldenkrais method and meditative healing principles, to explore and move with the evolutionary wisdom contained in our bodies. We will playfully re-contact the bodily intelligence derived from our evolutionary inheritance, and enliven our sense of what it is to be a human being on Planet Earth.

By interrupting habitual patterns through gentle, precise, and novel movement, we are able to activate our innate developmental trajectory, and access new horizons and possibilities for moving and living.

Attending to our experience with intention and interest, we gain not only flexible bodies but flexible minds, which can bring surprising changes and a delightful sense of freedom to our lives.

*These classes were recorded live in an 8-week series taught in Nelson and on Zoom in July/August 2023. Enjoy the dynamic flavour! 

What's included?

  • 8 recorded Awareness Through Movement Classes
  • In depth articles and reflections on each of the themes
  • Suggestions for further exploration and contemplation

Plus 3 months of Individual Email Support 

Your purchase of this collection includes individual email support, so that you can ask any of your questions and feel supported in your learning process
Patrick Jones - Course author

Chani Grieve

When I was first learning meditation, my teacher instructed us to connect with Ground, Uprightness and Space, as a way of establishing a good posture for meditation. These words lit up in me, and evoked a passionate enquiry into the body that continues to this day.

What I've come to realise over many years of study and practice is that our entire personal, ancestral, collective and planetary history can be accessed through our bodies. The natural laws of growth and unfolding that govern the universe also govern the way that we humans develop physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This is exciting news! These laws and processes can be observed, studied, and understood, leading to a life rich with learning and liberation, and our bodies can show us the way.

This particular collection is my synthesis of this natural process, crafted in a way that will help you contact and light up the natural evolutionary wisdom and intelligence encoded in your body and your life. 

May your explorations bring you insight, freedom and joy! 
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