Breathe, and Be Earth

Discover the power of the breath and the Earth to bring you calm, clarity, vitality and renewal. 

"Be strong then, and enter your own body.
There you will find a steady place for your feet."

- Kabir

Do you suffer with anxiety, stress, fatigue or exhaustion?
Have you struggled to meditate, and never really understood why?
Do you want to learn to listen deeply to your body, the Earth, and your inner knowing? 
Do you need support to create positive habits and make lasting changes in your life?

This powerful collection of embodied movement and meditation practices offers a way to truly build the reliable foundations for your healing journey.

The unique combination of practices, infused with kindness and wisdom, will steadily grow your sense of embodied presence, so that you can rest deeply, restore your vitality, and live a life of clarity, compassion and purpose.

Patrick Jones - Course author
Your facilitator

Chani Grieve

Welcome to Breathe, and Be Earth.

I'm so glad you've found your way here. 

These practices are gentle, yet deceptively potent, as they teach you to shift your way of being and perceiving, to expand and embrace a wider awareness of yourself in relation to the Earth and the entire web of life. 

They are based on my 16 years of experience working with hundreds of people as a Feldenkrais Teacher, Meditation and Mindfulness facilitator and dedicated embodiment practitioner. I have witnessed countless times the transformative power of learning to inhabit the body and connecting to powerful sources of support to unlock our innate potential. This collection offers you the essential method of how you can learn to do that too. 

In order to truly be effective in our lives we need to have good skills of self-regulation and stress management. We also want to stay connected to our deeper sources of nourishment and inspiration. It is no longer satisfying to compartmentalise our lives. We want to bring our whole selves to whatever situation we find ourselves in, and give the best of us to our families, our friends, our communities, and our workplaces.

And our world really needs the best of us! 

For myself, these practices formed the foundation of my own healing journey. Learning to rest, to attune to my body, to open to the support of the Earth, and enter into a flow of giving and receiving has now become a way of life, and one that I feel is desperately needed on our planet. I hope it becomes a way of life for you too, to support you and all of us on our individual and collective healing journey. 

It is my pleasure and honour to share this collection with you.
May it bring healing, renewal and inspiration to your life!  

Powerful skills and resources for life

Through regular practice you will learn to : 

  • Establish safety, trust and curiosity in your experience and enjoy a healthy relationship with your body
  • Practice effective nervous system regulation; shift from 'self' to 'source' to reduce stress and improve your health and overall performance
  • Meditate in an embodied way; unwind and release deeply held tensions that prevent true presence
  • Feel connected to your capacity, purpose and unique gifts as a consistent source of strength
  • Listen deeply to your body, trust your intuition and be guided by your inner wisdom
  • Develop compassion for yourself and others; improve the quality of all your relationships
  • Receive the profound support of the Earth as a wellspring of positive energy, inspiration, and belonging

This collection includes

Skilful, attuned, experienced guidance

7 expertly guided audio recordings of essential, foundational movement and meditation practices

with additional resources to support your growth.

Lifetime access

Take the time you need.
Access from anywhere.

All the practices and resources are stored conveniently for you on the learning platform.
They are also downloadable and yours to keep for life.

Individual Support

Personalised email access for 3 months after purchase so you can ask your questions and feel supported in your process.

AND every purchase of Breathe, and Be Earth funds the planting of one native tree through Forest Restoration projects in Aotearoa New Zealand! 

Reflections from course participants

This has been a great reminder of coming back to my body, accepting my own pace and taking time for the process. It has given me a deep, rooted sense of connection with myself and the world.
- Grant
I find Chani brings a beautiful, gentle, and holistic approach to her work that encompasses many levels of understanding. Her style of embodied learning has enabled me to connect to myself with much more kindness, and has given me a sense that I can really offer something of value to the world through my practice and presence. 
- Carolyn
I take so many benefits from Chani's generous offerings. She delivers with a lovely sense of humour and gentleness, holding space from a place of humble and solid presence. Taking us into an experience of embodiment in active resting, I am finding integrity and joy in the body and mind. It's been very helpful to overcome health problems and injuries. A wonderful resource in my self-care practice.  
- Alejandra

If you have any questions about "Breathe, and Be Earth" and whether it is suitable for you,

send me a message here

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